Welcome to Fatcat.com.


What is fatcat.com?
Fatcat.com is a private email address for my family and friends. We never had a reason to create a webpage, so we never put one up.

Is fatcat.com for sale?
So far, no. If someone wants to give me a seriously fat sack of cash, sure, I can be bought. I'm easy, I'm just not cheap.

How much are we talking here?
My highest offer, in 2001 or so, was $22,000. My most recent offer, in June of 2009, was $8,000.

But $22,000 is a lot of money. What do you want?
More than $22,000. :D I never intended to resell fatcat.com, so I don't have a firm figure in mind. Something that makes it worth the hassle of changing 12 years of email address for a dozen people. I am *exceedingly* lazy.

What about a lawsuit?
Had those threats, too. It'd be cheaper to offer me money, though.

Why fatcat.com?
I had a fat cat. It was available.

Hope that answers some questions for some folks. Best of luck in your search for a domain name!